Trends In Islamic Swimwear For Muslim Women

The burkini, is a revolutionary change in Muslim women's swimwear. Burkini is a mixture of bikini and burqa. This type of swimsuit was designed by Aheda Zanetti, a Lebanese Australian designer. In accordance with Muslim modesty views, the suit covers the entire body. Although it looks like a full-length, swimsuit-like wetsuit with a built-in hood and a long sleeve, the suit is made from swimsuit material. 

This is the ideal Islamic swimwear solution for Muslim women who wish to swim but are hesitant about wearing "revealing" swimsuits. The Bodykini conforms to Islamic values. It is intended for active Muslim women who are able to enjoy swimming in public areas and other water sports. You can buy Islamic swimwear online via

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The swimwear conform to Islam's strict views about women's dressing and are an updated version full-body swimwear. These are stylish and sophisticated, featuring intricate sequin patterns with miniskirts that can be worn over long pants. The nylon, polyester and lycra materials allow for flexibility in water and do not stick to the body.

These suits are becoming more popular in countries with moderate Muslim populations like Indonesia and Malaysia. They are light and thin and don't absorb water. This makes them safe and comfortable. Hasema is the leading company that produces Islamic bathing suits. He says he cannot produce them fast enough to meet demand. The company exports to Egypt and North America. 

These suits are the only option for many Muslim women to wear regular clothing when swimming. Swimsuits for Muslim women in Egypt are known as the "Sharia swimsuit". They are part of a growing industry catering to religiously-observant women. These leisure activities are no longer only available to the wealthy westernized elite.