How to Choose a Doctor in Charlotte

You will place the future of your child's health in the hands of the doctor you choose. What kind of doctor would you like to work with? A doctor who will answer all your questions, listen to your calls no matter what reason, explain everything to you, and take the necessary steps to help you get pregnant. Or a doctor who doesn't answer your questions. The nurse takes your calls and answers them. She then tells you to just keep trying and not worry.

Yes, I would also take the first one! How do you find a great doctor for your needs? It's easy! Interview them! Interview them as soon as your partner and you have decided that you want to expand your family. Both you and your spouse should create a list with questions you want to ask prospective doctors. Once you have determined your needs, go online and search for your potential doctor. You can search for your local doctor via

Ask yourself if you are satisfied with your doctor.  Are you able to reach your doctor at any time? Would you fire or give a raise to an employee who behaved and treated you in the same manner as your doctor? If you truly, and I mean REALLY, want to give him a raise, you will have the best doctor possible.

If you'd rather have him fired, DO IT!  Tell him why you are unhappy. Give him another chance if your doctor is willing and able to do more. If your doctor tries to dismiss you, tell him that he is fired. You want all of the records from your medical history NOW! You must have your records with you at all times and they should be transferred to your new doctor.

This was the first step in choosing a doctor. Step two is to get references from family and friends. You should interview five doctors who were most helpful to you. Contact them and tell them that you are looking for a new physician. Good doctors will be more than willing to meet with potential patients. You should try to have as many people lined up as possible in one day.

Prepare a list with questions and make copies of them for each interview. You can leave enough space between each question to make notes. Interviews must be attended by both you and your partner. Both you and your doctor must be comfortable with each other.