How long does it take to recovery from bunion surgery?

Bunions really are a very frequent problem in the feet, particularly in females. The only way to remove bunions is with medical procedures but because the feet are a weightbearing part of the body, there may be quite a extended recovery time right after surgery. There is really no clear answer to the question as to just how long would be the recuperation right after bunion surgery is probably going to be, as there are so many factors that are connected. Rehabilitation may well be a matter of weeks if there is a fairly easy cutting off of the lump from the bunion or it could be a a few months or more is there is some big reconstructive surgical procedures that ought to be done.

Many of these variables associated can consist of:

1.    The precise character of the bunion deformity and if this is a lump and how much the great toe has angled over; and what and how various other bones and joints in the forefoot are involved.

2.     The specific surgical procedure which is to be performed. This may be a fairly easy lump removal or an extensive osteotomy that needs external fixation. Every bunion and patient will differ.

3.     Is the surgery going to get done on a single or both feet?

4.     Just what will be the physiologic age and physical health of the individual getting the surgical procedure. What exactly is the clinical condition, threshold for pain, healing capacity, if right now there are existing medically complicating variables, predisposition for swelling, vascular and lymphatic system condition, amount of family support, cooperation along with determination. Everyone will be different here.

5.    The types and also level of activity that should be accomplished in order to constitute recovery. For an athlete, rehabilitation can mean a return to sports activity, which is likely to be more than a ‘recovery’ for a non-runner.

Usually, only the surgeon who's going to be working on %LINK!% and has evaluated you and after that decided upon the most suitable procedure for you can then effectively respond to this kind of query regarding how long the recovery from bunion surgery is normally likely to be. It is best to discuss this in great detail together.