Adopt These Powerful 3d Exterior Rendering Tricks

Why do people adopt new technology? This is because they want to do the job quickly and efficiently, not spend hours in analysis. Innovative ideas have changed how we do things. Architectural rendering companies choose 3D views over 2D photos based on the same concept.

Visualizing architecture, whether interior or exterior rendering services, is an innovation that has transformed the way architects, home buyers, property owners, property experts, contractors, and other stakeholders view any site.

3d exterior home design

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Learn solid tips for 3D exterior renderings.

Include the sun’s position

It will be easier to create the exterior rendering if you include the exact location of the Sun. This will provide the same essence. This step is crucial. If you don't consider the sun's position when drawing a draft, your design may be less attractive. This could result in your customer being dissatisfied with the manufacturing experience. The same principle applies to 3D rendering projects, interior or exterior, as when we take a photo.


It is a good idea to add 3D or 2D vegetation elements in the foreground of the external render. You should also remember to add them to your render's background. Although 3D drawing vegetation is more challenging than 2D, experts have smart solutions. To save weight, keep the 2D and 3D floras separate. To add layering, color and pattern should be kept separate.