Types Of Welded Wire Mesh

As its name implies it is a piece of wires that are intertwined, creating an obstacle. When these intersecting wires are joined together in regular intervals, with equal spacing the barrier is transformed into the welded wire. 

The application will determine the type of mesh. These meshes can be made in various types and styles for industrial and domestic applications. If you also need a wire mesh then you can visit d7supply.com.

Welded Wire mesh

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Based on the welding procedure and the various kinds of metals used in the process of making wires can be classified as described below.

PVC The Welded Wire Mesh: The wire that is used in the production of this kind of wire is coated in fine PVC powder to resist corrosion. The coating of plastic protects the metal underneath and also adds the product with a color.

Galvanized Wire Mesh: As the name suggests, the wires made of steel get coated with zinc through the process of galvanization. The process employed for the welding, this mesh can be divided into two groups in the below table.

Welded Wire Mesh of Stainless Steel: These stainless steel cables are joined together at their intersections, creating a homogeneous steel wall. The product is extensively used due to its reliability and cost-effectiveness, stainless steel-welded mesh is used as a perimeter fence across many industries due to its easy deployment and long-lasting.

Welded Fencing Panel: The panels are constructed in predetermined sizes and shapes that can be used as fences for outside houses or gardens, parks, and more. The final structure is strong and durable, yet it can be easily removed and reused and also improves the appearance of the home overall.