Professional Resume Services – How to Pick a Good One

We would love to discuss the possibility of using a professional resume writing service. Some professional resume services can be very good while others may not be worth it. How can you tell the difference before you get stuck?

Professional resume services that are the best have certain characteristics that make their resumes stand out from the rest. The following are some of the things that I know make a difference as a former professional resume builder service.

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1: Writer Certification. While a resume writing skill is not brain surgery, it takes practice and time to master. Professional resume services that only employ writers who have been certified are a sign that they understand the craft. They want their clients to have access to writers who are able to show their writing skills and have earned a certain degree of distinction in their field. There are many writers who can do an excellent job online, but it is smart to ensure that your professional resume service only employs Certified Professional Resume Writers.

2: Personal Consultation. Personal consultation by phone is the best way for a professional writer to get to know you, including your work history, goals, and talents. While it is acceptable to gather basic background information via email or an online questionnaire, a phone consultation allows the writer access to your unique skills and abilities. 

3: Working together on revisions. After receiving his resume from a professional writer, no job seeker should feel alone. Better services will create a draft of your resume and ask for feedback before you see the final copy. You should insist on being able to edit your resume to your satisfaction.

4 – Guarantee. A guarantee provided by a resume service may take many forms. It could be a guarantee that you will receive interviews or a guarantee that your satisfaction will be met. Rarely will a resume service offer a refund if your resume does not generate interviews?

Professional Resume Services vs. DIY

It's difficult to market a candidate with just words on paper, especially in today’s economic climate where so many resumes compete for so few jobs. Is it possible to write your own resume? With a little marketing knowledge and time, you can. Not everyone has the time or the desire. Consider this: Every day that a resume isn't delivering interviews is one day closer to a paycheck.