Procedure for Dental Implant

Dental implants are inserted through a process called implantology. This involves a specialized dental clinician drilling a hole into the jawbone where the titanium screw implant is going to sit. The implant has a special clip or internal screw onto which the false tooth will be attached.

To begin the process of putting in dental implants, at least one minor surgery will be required. A CT scan may be required to confirm the dentist's knowledge of the location of your other teeth and the thickness of the jawbone to determine the best position to place the implant. If you are looking for the treatment for dental implant then you can hop over the link.

Two different methods can be used to insert immediate or delayed implants. First, the implant rod is inserted below the gum. The abutment is the part that joins the false tooth to the gum. Because the mouth heals over several months, the false tooth cannot be connected immediately. The dentist might recommend a set of dentures or a bridge to cover any gaps between your teeth.

The second step involves inserting the implant rod and closing the gum with stitches. This makes the implant invisible beneath the gum. After several months, the rod is inserted and the gum is opened. The rod is then attached to the abutment. The false teeth can then be permanently attached or removed for cleaning.