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Benign prostatic hyperplasia often referred to as benign prostatic hypertrophy or benign prostatic obstruction, is a condition characterized by benign enlargement of the prostate in men. BPH involves the proliferation of stromal and epithelial cells found in the transition zone of the prostate, resulting in prostate enlargement. You can find the best prostate health supplement online.

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The prostate goes through two phases of normal growth, the first at puberty and the second around the age of 25. As men age, the prostate continues to enlarge, potentially pinching the urethra and thickening the bladder wall, leading to problems with urinary retention and symptoms commonly associated with BPH.

Causes and risk factors

Although the exact cause of BPH remains unclear, a number of contributing factors have been identified. As noted above, BPH occurs primarily in older men and is thought to be associated with hormonal changes and inflammation. BPH is also associated with age-related metabolic diseases such as obesity, dyslipidemia, diabetes, and the metabolic syndrome. While some risk factors for BPH are unchanged, others can be addressed through diet, lifestyle, and other interventions.

Risk factors for BPH include:

Age 40+

Certain cardiovascular and metabolic diseases such as heart and blood vessel disease, obesity, and type 2 diabetes.

Erectile dysfunction

genetic predisposition

Lack of exercise