Keep Your Bathroom Clean with these 2 Common Ways

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House cleaning daily is important in order to stay, look and feel clean for yourself and for your home. Homeowners focus on dining room, living room, kitchen and bedroom when it comes to cleaning leaving the bathroom behind. Leaving the bathroom behind leads to looking ugly, smell awful, attract pests etc. If you are wondering to clean your bathroom clean, then consider these 2 common ways.

  1. On a Daily Basis – You can keep your bathroom clean on a daily basis by focusing more on the sink. Why sink? This is due to the fact that the sink is widely used for brushing teeth, apply makeup, brush hair, get ready and more. In order to keep the sink clean, use detergent mixture for removing hair oil stains, and toothpaste. For daily cleaning of bathroom, this works best as daily cleaning has better results.
  2. On a Weekly Basis – Cleaning the bathroom on weekly basis works for those who don’t have the time to clean the bathroom daily. If cleaning the bathroom on weekly basis works, then you should be focusing more on the mirrors, tiles and the drains. Make a solution of water and vinegar for getting rid of presence of dirt. The drains need to be cleaned to avoid clog formation that happens due to the accumulation of hair. Moreover, the towels and bathmats should be cleaned once under a washing machine to avoid bad smells.

These are the 2 most common ways of keeping your bathroom clean. If you need work related to bathroom renovations in Coffs Harbour area, consider speaking to a professional.