An Overview About Mintos

Mintos is undoubtedly the most popular P2P platform. The platform was founded in 2015. There are four offices across the globe and over 340,000 registered investors from all around the world.

Mintos’ business model relies on the following: Mintos does not match borrowers and investors, but matches investors with loan originators. The loan originators are loan aggregators who are responsible for sourcing and managing borrowers.

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Registering and Depositing

Mintos is easy to sign up for. You will need to verify your identity, just like other platforms, before you can make a deposit. Mintos requires you to be:

  • More than 18
  • Resident in a country they operate
  • Mintos allows you to deposit money and accepts Wise transfers.

How can you invest in Mintos P2P loans?

You can open an account and invest in nearly 70 loan originators across 33 countries. This means that you have many options. Mintos offers two different options:

  1. Mintos strategies
  2. Custom strategies

You can choose from three types of Minto’s strategies: conservative, diversified, or high-yield. You’ll only be purchasing small amounts of loans from different loan originators with one of these strategies. Mintos allows you to reinvest your returns and can be stopped or started at any time.

Mintos offers manual investing options. You can also choose and manage your investments using Custom strategies. You can choose from a wider range of loans and select according to your criteria. You can also re-invest.

Although the Mintos strategies are easy to use, if you wish to manually invest through a Custom strategy, it is best to learn how to invest in loans.