Buy Bum Bags Online

A bum bag is known by different names in different parts of the world. They are called fanny packs, belt packs, moon bags, etc. in countries from the US to South Africa.

These terms refer to a pouch made of fabric or leather or other man-made material. This pouch is then strapped at the front of the body around the waist just above the hips. You can also buy black leather large bum bag online.

These were very popular especially among tourists around the mid-1980s up to the 90s. You can still find them today being worn once again mainly by tourists.

Although the popularity has gown down a bit, it was brought once again to the forefront when well-known designers promoted them in their fashion collection.

Bum bags are very convenient because of the way they are strapped on the body. It leaves one's hands-free to manoeuvre whilst the bag is securely positioned on the body.

You can find these in many different colours and designs to cater to individual tastes and fashion trends. Although the staple bum bag is black in colour and discrete in its designs, one can find those that have many kinds of embellishments on them.

Some come in neon colours as well as floral fabrics and geometric designs. Many now have numerous compartments as well as hidden ones to help keep cash and other valuables safe whilst travelling.

Since it is strapped and positioned to the front of the body, there is very little chance of pick-pockets succeeding in stealing the contents of these bags. A lot of people also wear them under their jackets making it even more difficult for any chance of being the victim of pickpockets.