Choosing A Well-Designed Layout for Your Commercial Kitchen

These steps will give you an idea of how to design your commercial kitchen.

Choosing the right menu

First, you need to plan the menu and type of food that your commercial kitchen will offer. Later, you will need to choose the location or type of catering business.

It is important to think about the possible future menus as you grow your business. You can also opt for the best commercial kitchen design layout via Bilby Group

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Deciding on the right equipment

The next step is to determine the equipment required for all food preparation. It is important to compile a list of commercial kitchen equipment producers so that you can make the necessary inquiries. Every item purchased from kitchen equipment manufacturers must meet the commercial health code requirements.

Selecting the location

Once you have a good idea of what type of food preparation is required and how much equipment space is needed, it's time to find the right location for your business. It is important to determine whether the business should be established in an existing or new building. After confirming the dimensions and plumbing, the site should be ready to target customers.

Plan the layout of your kitchen

When planning your commercial kitchen layout, ergonomics should be a primary consideration. The layout should allow for easy movement among employees, and provide maximum functionality. It should have enough space to allow for the easy movement of large containers or bags of supplies. 

Clearing regulatory requirements

You must comply with all fire and health codes. Other regulations regarding the area also need to be met. To ensure that nothing is missed, it is a good idea to keep a list of all the items with you. 

Authorities must approve the drawings and blueprints of the interior and exterior dimensions.