Information About Types Of Commercial Toilet Paper

Billions of dollars are spent on toiletries and sanitation in America every year. The biggest hassle for toiletries is toilet paper. Americans use millions of toilet paper rolls every year without thinking.

The toilet paper industry is so large that it can sometimes be very difficult to understand new products, updates, and company mergers. There are several considerations to consider when choosing toilet paper, including price, model, size, color, and softness. You can learn more to buy online the amazing range of organic toilet paper.

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The type of toilet paper is usually related to the way it is rolled and the size of the roll. There are three main types of toilet paper; Standard, Jumbo and Jumbo Junior. Standard toilet paper is the type of toilet paper found in-home toilets and is usually packaged in 96 rolls in a box. Jumbo toilet paper is the type of toilet paper you will see in public restrooms.

The softness of a roll of toilet paper is usually judged by the layer of toilet paper. When we talk about layers of toilet paper, we talk about how many layers are there on the toilet paper. The two most common layers of toilet paper are 1 and 2 layers. A single-ply towel means that the toilet paper has one layer, and a double-ply towel means that the two layers are held together.

Commercial toilet paper is available in two colors, white (sometimes called bleached) and natural (brown toilet paper). White or bleached toilet paper goes through a process in which the cellulose material is bleached to give the toilet paper a pleasant clean white appearance. Bleached white toilet paper is usually more expensive because of the manufacturing process.