Sisal Rugs for You and Your Cat

If you are a cat lover, you will know that cats love scratching things, including door jambs and cardboard boxes. They also love your curtains and couches. Cats love to scratch. It's a form of exercise that helps them stretch their arms and shoulders. The inventor of the scratching board was clever enough to know that cats also like sisal. 

Sisal tapis can be enjoyed by humans as well, although not necessarily as a scratching board. If you don't know, sisal, a natural fiber, is made from Agave Sisalana. It is used primarily in the textile industry to make ropes. Sisal fibers are gaining popularity in the rug and textile industries due to their durability and low maintenance cleaning requirements. 

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Sisal rugs look great in the home. They're not made from wool or cotton. Therefore, sisal can be used indoors as well as outdoors. It is possible for your cat to find your sisal rug and fall asleep on it if you leave it in your sunroom. Sisal rugs generally don't have as much braiding as sisal scratching boards.

Your cat will likely just sniff it and rub his sides to mark his territory. Your rug should not be damaged if your cat scratches on it. Sisal rugs are great for dressing up casual spaces that any feline or human will love. Sisal rugs are durable and anti-static, making them a smart investment in your home as well as your pet's life.