Why Should You Buy A Pistol Safe In Australia

The first and most obvious decision is to narrow down the size of the safe that is appropriate for your firearms. They can be found as small as a typical toolbox, for pistol gun safes and handgun safes. These safes are usually very light, around 20 lbs., making them portable for travel. These finest gun safes in Australia are best for storing guns, but can also be used for storing valuables such as jewelry, passports, and cash. 

Long gun safes or rifle gun safes are the best option for securing larger firearms. These are typically the size of a small refrigerator and can weigh as much as 3,000 pounds. There are several types of locks to consider when choosing the best gun safe. A dial combination lock is the most familiar and has a long history of security. These safes use a mechanical Simplex lock that offers over a thousand different combinations.

A biometric lock, which opens with electronic fingerprint recognition, is a better option for when quick access is needed. This safe has a digital electronic lock with an illuminated keypad that helps you enter your pin code quickly, even in the dark. This safe holds up to 16 long guns, has a fire rating of one hour, and is made out of 12-gauge steel with an additional ¾" of steel between the door and the lock for additional protection against drilling attacks.