Popular Features Of Automated Onboarding Tools

The new advancement of onboarding system technology has made the work easier for the employees and management in the organizations. Measuring employee productivity accurately is an important task of every HR manager. 

Accurate performance data is needed to ensure that the best employees are adequately rewarded while motivating those who are less involved in the company. Most online project management tools have limitations and stay within budget and efficiency.

Electronic onboarding platforms are trending these days as one of the best employee monitoring software built with artificial intelligence. This tool allows you to monitor your employees' digital devices and provides you with detailed records of their activities.

Popular features of this great tool include:

1. User Activity Logs – Track your employees' activities on their digital devices with their activity logs.

2. Real-time monitoring – Monitor your employees' digital devices whenever you want

3. Automatic signals for risky and inappropriate employee behavior.

4. Internal Threat Detection – Track every internal threat and find people who are trying to harm your business with your resources.

5. Head office performance analysis, etc.

Like other HR software, you can use HR onboarding softwares to perform common HR tasks with the push of a button. Whether you want to track employee attendance, automate payroll, company social networks, performance reviews, surveys and recognition, you can do it all with this amazing tool.