What are Disposable Bowls?

Disposable bowls are perfect for your next outdoor picnic or gathering. Disposable bowls make excellent pieces of dinnerware that can serve nearly every food item your restaurant establishment serves. Perfect for hot or cold food items they can serve anything from cereal, salads, and snacks to soups, sauces, and much more in these disposable bowls. They can also be recycled after use and they'll significantly reduce clean-up time and effort within your kitchen for commercial use. You can also buy different disposable kitchen products such as bowls, cups/plate from Ecoengros.

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Which Size is Right for You?

We discovered that the 16-20 ounce bowls were too large for smaller portions, however, they are perfect for large portions of stew, soup, and salad. If you're serving many types of food items and wish to purchase only one type, we believe that larger sizes will be more useful.

Which Disposable Bowls were the most durable?

Durability was determined by the material that the bowls were made of (foam or compostable materials as well as coated or sprayed paper) and whether they were sealed with a waterproof seal.

Although the bowls are microwave safe we discovered that an hour in the microwave to warm up chicken noodles made the sides extremely elastic and flexible.