A Few Proven Ways To Create More Excitement For Loyalty Programs

There are too many loyalty programs out there today, and most of them are created without much forethought. The 2009 Colloquial Loyalty Census estimates membership in the US rewards program at about $2 billion. Unfortunately, according to a study by ACI Worldwide, nearly one billion loyalty program members never take advantage of their loyalty program. That's almost 50% of the participants.

Even worse, 85 percent said they had not heard from their loyalty program provider since the day they signed up. If you’re looking for more information about the best digital loyalty programs then check this out.

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Here are a few simple ideas to keep your loyalty program fresh?

1) Stay in touch with your customers: With all the options available today, there's no excuse not to be in front of your customers in more than one format. Social media lets you keep a friendly face in front of your prospects and customers.

2) Add new incentives to the mix regularly: Has your incentive program just been in print? Was your prize/gift promised 12-18 months in advance? How boring! Rewards must be upgradeable. Publish your bounty online and add git regularly to keep things fresh and fun.

Add bonus activity points to your account for the next two weeks after the postcard release and you can see your program being extended. Build your loyalty program and bring your inactive accounts to life with some simple but time-tested ideas.