International Customs Form Filling Mistakes

Filling out international customs form is a wearisome, but vital part of international shipping. All the border authorities take custom forms seriously. Every bit of a filled form is scanned and scrutinized carefully.

Many exporters and importers make mistakes while filling out the customs form.

Those who are new to international shipping business, often commit such mistakes due to lack of understanding or human errors. When customs officials identify any mistake the shipments comes under more scrutiny. Errors on customs declaration forms can have severe consequences. The risk of shipping delay is one of them.

One must either learn to avoid making mistakes and fill out customs form neatly and perfectly.  There is a better option though. If you want to avoid getting into trouble filling custom forms, then you can opt for smart custom clearance services that include filling out custom forms or even providing a complete customs solution from door to door.

A customs form must contain all the relevant information about the exporter/importer, declaration of value of the shipment, HS Code, number, size and volume of the shipment. It must be declared that all the information filled in the form is according to the import and export laws of both the sending and receiving countries. Filling out the form incorrectly can invite fines according to the rules applicable in the country.