Where To Find New Craft Beer

The craft beer movement has been gaining popularity for some years. The fact that so many individuals have decided that they want a more farm-to-market approach to their beer has contributed to this fermented beverage renaissance. Knowing where our food comes from is so crucial that it was almost unavoidable that something as socially and culturally important as beer would follow suit.

It's also become vital for many people to rediscover ancient ways of doing things, and if there's one beverage ripe with historical meaning from "the old world," it's beer. The most important thing, however, is that you need to know where to get craft beers to try. 

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New survey shows 94% of world's of world's 19,000+ breweries are craft

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Here are some places you can discover your next great, or perhaps your first, craft beer adventure:

1. Your local supermarket– There's no reason to be surprised that the majority of supermarkets offer everything you require in your life however, they are increasing in importance in providing various alcohol options. In addition to top-quality wine at various price points, you can also find amazing craft beers including local craft brewers.

2. Local Watering Hole– In an effort to draw in a larger and diverse customer base local pubs and taverns have expanded their beer menus in order to offer incredible craft beer choices. In many instances, they take the extra step of trying to match the food they serve with their beverage selections to ensure you get the most enjoyable experience possible.