Editing Pictures for Uncoated Paper Printing the Right Way

Redland Bay printers

Uncoated papers are getting popular. But getting your print on one might be a challenge especially if you have dark images. However, with these editing tips, you can hit that bull’s eye when printing less than perfect images on uncoated papers.

  • Colour: For the right output, professionals use uncoated paper’s curve to the whole document. It optimizes each colour and picture, matching it with the stock.
  • Conversation: Conversation with the clients is a critical thing. And, on the uncoated paper, the ink won’t look glossy. Plus, the dark colour will get easily absorbed, losing most of the details.
  • Retouching: If you light up the entire picture, it will ruin the image and make the print result appear washed out. Professionals use masking techniques to save from that blunder. Masking and lighting up only the dark areas help create a balanced image.
  • Printing: When all the things are signed off, plates are generated at the line screen of 150. And, all the settings are fingerprinted.
  • Proofing: Professional team make calibrated proofs on the uncoated paper. It provides an accurate picture to your customers that will look like finished work prior to hitting the press.

So, if you are going to get your design printed on uncoated paper, you should keep these points in mind. Moreover, getting suggestions from printers in Redland Bay before ordering the print can save you from bad results. Professionals could guide you on bad areas in designs and how they will impact the print results so you can correct them in time.