Why Do You Need A Urologist?

What is the reason you require Urologists:

There are instances that a general doctor is not enough. Both genders should consult a urologist if they are experiencing issues in their urinary tract. It could be urinary incontinence, urinary tract infections (bladder or kidney) as well as urinary urgency. You can also make an appointment with expert urologists in Toowoomba by booking an appointment now.

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Males require a urologist whenever they are experiencing issues in their reproductive organs. This includes physical problems and prostate issues.

Urology is considered to be a subspecialty within the surgery.

Specialties in Urology:

As per the American Urological Association, there are eight subspecialties in urology.

  1. Urology for children (children)

  2. Urologic Oncology (cancer)

  3. Transplantation of the kidney (bladder or kidney)

  4. Male infertility

  5. Urinary tract stones (bladder as well as a kidney)

  6. Female Urology

  7. Neurourology (nerves)

  8. Erectile dysfunction (impotence)

Urologists do not need to be a specialist in order in order to get a urologist accreditation. So, a urologist is able to be able to treat various aspects of urology without having to be specialized in any.

urologist that matches your requirements:

The choice of a urologist will depend on the needs of your patients. If you have chronic urinary tract infections it is recommended to consult a doctor who has a specialization in urologic oncology is not required. But, based on the degree of the infection, it may be beneficial to consult a urologist who has a specialization in kidney transplantation.

What to expect on your first visit 

Urologists may ask patients to submit a urine sample. Patients will then urinate into small cups. The medical staff then takes the cup and performs a brief "dipstick" test. The test is designed to detect UTIs, protein levels, or blood.