How Many Calories Are In An Avocado?

Did eating healthy be part of that New Year's resolution? If yes, you should consider including avocados in your food plan. 

The benefit of avocados having slightly more calories than other fruits is that the body digests the nutrients slower, which makes you are fuller for longer. For a nutrition-rich breakfast, you can easily buy natural avocados through online stores.

There are many varieties of avocados. The most popular varieties include West Indian, Guatemalan, and Mexican.

West Indian – These massive (up to 5 weight) fruit are light-green, with smooth skins with large seeds. They're less fat-laden than other avocados.

Guatemalan The huge (up to 5 pounds) fruit variety has dark, hard rough skin, with tiny seeds. It also has a moderate fat content.

Mexican fruit in question is tiny, weighing 1 more or less a pound, dark green with the smooth texture of its skin. It also has large, round seeds. high-fat content.

Nutritional Benefits 

  • Avocados are loaded with health benefits. It contains heart-healthy monounsaturated fatty acids Vitamin A and B complex vitamins E and B potassium, and protein. Studies have shown that avocados can be effective in fighting oral cancerous cells. 

  • Avocado fat has also been proven to reduce bad cholesterol as well as boost good cholesterol. Another interesting thing about avocados is that they're rich in carotenoids. These can improve the health of your eyes against cataracts and macular degeneration. 

  • Carotenoids can also aid in weight loss. Avocados are also rich in Oleic acid, which has been proven in multiple studies that can help prevent breast cancer.