Oval Engagement Diamond Rings

A ring with an oval shape is stunning and beautiful to be admired. This type of ring is a variation on the round cut. The distinction in the shape is that an oval design is wider on both sides, and is longer with the rounded edges. In essence it is not possible to have all sides identical in terms of size. Oval cut diamonds possess less sparkle than the round diamond.

It's also a distinctive shape of diamond. It's a classic look that features a solitaire-style setting. It's not just diamonds that have this cut, but also topaz, sapphire, ruby and various other stones.

To enhance the beauty of your ring, amazing fine jewelry adds some more small diamonds around the center of the ring or sets tiny diamonds around the ring itself to make it appear more beautiful.

Oval engagement rings are also a rare type of ring, but when it comes to the clarity of the diamond the oval diamond is less clear than the round and princess cut diamonds.

Similar to other engagement rings, oval engagement rings have various setting styles and designs. They depend on the individual's preference. There are many things to think about when buying oval diamond rings.

  • Your budget.

  • Dimensions of the stone or diamond.

  • Setting the engagement ring the oval-shaped cut.

  • The style that you love for example, antique vintage, vintage, etc.